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Each and every donation, no matter how large or small, is most gratefully received, helping to provide us with the funds needed to invite the world’s most talented artists to Jaipur and ensure the Festival remains a world-class event each year.

In 2016 your donations played a vital role in bringing over 600 artists from 36 nations to the stages of our beautiful city.

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Play an integral role with the Festival by choosing to donate at the highest level as a Festival Benefactor. Your support can go directly towards our core programming costs or towards a particular area of the Festival programme.


The donations of our Benefactors make a significant impact on the work of the Festival. Depending on their particular area of interest, Benefactors can choose to dedicate their support towards a particular performance or strand of work at the Festival that they are most passionate about. Alternatively we welcome donations towards our general programming costs, enabling us to direct support towards those projects most in need of funds. These donors enjoy unrivalled access to performances and special events. We ask Benefactors for a minimum donation of INR 51,000. If you too have a passion for the arts and would like to make a generous and profound difference to the Festival,

The Director’s Funds

This is our highest level of engagement with the Festival for future development of the Festival and in particular assisting to achieve our longer-term goals in the areas of commissioning, education and theatre.

‘We believe that some areas of the International Festival’s work require strategic longer-term preparation to truly maximise their potential. In order to allow such future planning I have introduced three new funds – the JRM Commissioning Fund, the JRM Theatre Development Fund and the JRM Education Fund. I am excited to work with our donors over the coming years to explore together what more the Festival can achieve in these areas.’


From the era of Kalidas to the tragedy of The Bart, theatre has played a vital role in the development of civilisation by amending the social norms and by bringing the likeminded together.

When the oppression of British caught the nerves of the mother land, when the undemocratic slashes of the colonisers tried their wit to undermine the free spirit of humanity, theatre came out as a tool to channelize the latent anger lying dormant in the hearts of people. When social evils threatened to destroy the society as we know like termite does to wood, theatre was there to drive them all away and help us breathe in freedom again.

Even before the western civilisation knew about this method of expression, ages before the greatest thespian of their civilisation has learned about his ability to mend society as he did, our culture had already given the “Natyashastra”. In the country where it flourished for years, where it supported them in achieving Independence, in that same country now it is struggling every day for survival.

It’s time for us to help this old friend of ours to stand up again. Let’s turn on the lights once again and raise the curtain. Fight the social evils and raise our voices once more like we used to do, set those props right, fix the lights bright and make our move to lift the stage and give it a new height.

This is a long journey and it would not be easy to cover without friends and supporters. Become a part of this movement and help us resurrect the stage again and light the world with its flare.