About us

3 M DOT BANDS theatre family society is an NGO, which was established in 2001. It is a leading theatre group that has staged about 150 full house performances of different genre. It was founded by creative and avid theatre loving people, belonging to different walks of life. It is an NGO solely dedicated for promotion of art culture and theatre in India.

The Jaipur Theatre festival was established in the year 2001 with a vision of creating a festival of soil, which would enlighten, enliven and enrich the cultural, real-life and creative spirit of people and also to provide a platform to artists, individual or group of people for the flowering of his/her/their human spirit.


The Jaipur Theatre Festival was established in 2001 by 3m dot bands in the city of Jaipur. In the year 2012 “Jaipur Theatre Festival” was re-christened as Jairangam (acronym of Jaipur Rang Mahostava).

Jairangam is an initiative of 3M DOT BAND theatre family, which went on floor in 2012. Jairangam in its present form is the biggest theatre festival of the country receiving accolades from the theatre fraternity, appreciation from audiences and ample media attention. Theatre has been the nurturer of some of the most polished actors and yet is not considered main stream entertainment in most parts of the country.

Jairangam is a cross interaction platform between the regional, national and international level of amateurs, performers, actors, directors, story tellers, scriptwriters, technicians, artists, etc. where they exchange their values, expertise, professionalism, learning, experiments, etc. with a wide open relevant world to take their form of art and exposure to the next level as per the global standards. It is also a platform to resurrect, rejuvenate and redefine the aura & importance of performing arts, theatre (rang manch a.k.a rang mandir)and many others, to connect with the classes and masses and to keep them deep rooted within their elements; so that generations can sow and reap the benefits out of the whole endeavour.

Jairangam is a community celebration of arts, vibrancy, drama, excitement & beautiful colours of culture. It is a kaleidoscope of music, dance, theatre, literature, street food, films, workshops for adult & children, visual arts & heritage walks.Seven joyful days to refresh your mind and soul. It is open to all, generally free of charge.


The mission of our NGO is to present theatre of the highest standards to the widest possible audience.

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    Every year,Jairangam brings the best artists from all the fields together

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    Every year,Jairangam brings the best artists from all the fields together

Contact us

How can we help?

Use the form below to get in touch with the Festival. This email is staffed 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We will get back to you ASAP within those hours. You may find that the answer to your enquiry can be found on our FAQ’S.

  • Media enquiries:
  • General enquiries:
  • Head Office:
    837, Frontier Colony Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur-302004
  • Jairangam Hub:
    2/161, Jawahar Nagar Jaipur-302004
    Mo. +91 9610105999

The Team

Below you can find contact details for members of the Festival team. During the Festival we take on many seasonal members of staff in addition to the year round staff listed below. For information on working with the Festival, visit our jobs page.

Festival Director and Chief Executive
Festival Director and Chief Executive
Executive Assistant to the Festival Director
Executive Assistant to the Festival Director

Administration and Finance

Hub Administrator

Taking part

Jairangam is largely a curated Festival, which means that artists are invited to perform by the Festival Director.

Apart from above Jairangam also invites entries to the festival through web page.

The planning of each year's International Festival – an exhilarating theatre from the India's leading artists – is an ongoing process. Projects and programmes are developed with companies and individual performers often a year in advance.

Festival Director and colleagues keeps in touch with what's happening in the arts around the globe, travelling the world in search of artists and performances to bring to Jaipur.

If you think you or your company have something exciting that the Jairangam Festival is missing then send invitations and information to:

Artistic Administrator Hub
2/161, Jawahar Nagar,
Jaipur- 302004

Media Accreditation

Coming to the Jairangam Festival as a journalist – accreditation

The Festival welcomes a huge range of online, print and broadcast journalists from around the world to Jaipur in, and is delighted to support each in obtaining the coverage planned.

Please make contact with Media Manager, in the press office to talk about your visit and the scope of your planned coverage, access to interviews, filming, tickets and photography opportunities.


Technical department

The Technical Department is responsible for researching, planning and implementing the staging of all productions contracted to appear at the Jairangam Festival. This involves realizing a succession of productions in the Festival.

This requires the co-ordination of plans in different theatre, dance and opera companies each year, ensuring that rehearsal and performance plans are feasible and arranging for the technical personnel and equipment to be sourced, recruited and scheduled. The department also arranges transport of scenery, provision of super-titles, and liaises with the venues to provide all the theatre support services needed by the artists.

The Technical team, which consists of the Head of Technical and Technical Department Administrator, is augmented by five Technical Heads of Department (lighting, audio visual, stage management, staging and sound) immediately before and during the Festival. Up to 50 theatre technicians are employed on a temporary basis for the duration of the International Festival itself.